A Call Out to Writers of All Kinds! (From Diabetes Health)

We’d like to invite diabetes professionals, persons with diabetes (and the people who love and help them) to contribute articles to Diabetes Health.

We’re interested in almost every topic imaginable:

• Promising research
• First-person stories
• Memorable people and characters
• Letters to the editor
• Beginners’ stories – Coping with a diagnosis of diabetes and developing a knowledge of the disease
• Diabetes from teens’ and children’s points of view
• Interesting recipes (10 carbs per serving maximum)
• Medications – what has worked for you and what hasn’t?
• Living with diabetes – The disease’s day-to-day challenges
• Traveling with diabetes
• Meters, insulin pumps and CGMs – Tips for best use
• Advice on any topic you have advice to give

It’s easy to submit an article, letter or query! Just send it to editor@diabeteshealth.com

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